Technical study of all connections to protect mobile network operators

City Soft SMS Firewall is intended to protect Operator’s network from main threats related to SMS spam and fraud. The primary objectives of the SMS security solution are to detect and mitigate SMS frauds caused by SMS spoofing, SMS faking, SMS flooding and other types of technical fraud.

Filtering criteria can be defined for different type of traffic. Rules can be defined for MO or MT SMS, for particular MSISDN range, Operator, Global Title range or SMPP message sender. These criteria include list of SS7 parameters to be verified when processing inbound MO or MT messages coming from abroad, as well as list of figures defining bandwidth and routing limitations for SMS traffic like limits for SMS traffic intensity from any particular MSISDN, SMSC or other network elements, range of destination numbers to which messages from the source mentioned above can be addressed, range of origination numbers messages can be sent from etc.

Anti-spoofing and anti-faking filtering and detection capabilities are supported according to IR71.  SMS Firewall supports keyword-based filtering, intellectual spam detection basing on heuristic message body analysis and statistical criteria such as number of same/similar messages from one source, from one network, to one recipient and so on.